Check Out This Video Of A Woman Swinging Her Young Baby. Do You Think It's Real?

Is the baby yoga (or Russian baby swinging) video real?
Have you seen the Russian baby swinging -- sort of baby yoga but not really -- video? It has apparently been taken down at YouTube, but you can view it over on Gawker in a post titled This Baby Swinging Yoga Video Can't be Real, Right? In it, a woman swings a baby in ways that I don't think a baby can be swung without serious injury. But what do I know? Everyone is asking whether the baby in the video is real or fake. I thought it might be real, so I had my mom watch. She was convinced it was a fake and the "baby" was one of those rubber doll babies that look frightening real. For a minute, I wondered why we -- and the Internet -- were obsessing over this. But the answer to that questions is simple: If this is a real baby, it is not okay! And if it is real, apparently baby swinging, um, happens? From the Gawker article:
As it turns out, Russian swinging baby videos of dubious origin are a recurring phenomenon: Two years ago, video of a Russian (or perhaps Ukranian) man swinging a baby by its arms and legs ignited mass hysteria and led to Australian police raiding a journalist's house. (Child abuses [sic] charges were later dropped.) In the aftermath, Liveleak posted a clip from a documentary about a Russian circus family, which shows a man "training" a baby by swinging it around, albeit significantly more gently.
Disturbing, right? Gawker posted an update with yet another baby yoga or baby swinging video. (It's probably NSFW because of exposed breasts.) I don't know what to think. If the babies being swung about are real, this isn't okay, is it? I know babies are not quite as delicate as many of us (read: me) think they are, but I can't imagine it's safe to swing a baby up over one's head. >>What are your opinions on the baby swinging video?

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