I hate to even write about this again and give it more attention, but I feel compelled to follow up....
I hate to even write about this again and give it more attention, but I feel compelled to follow up. You may recall my post last week, Couple asks Internet: Should we have an abortion? If you read it, you'll remember the details of the awful website Birth or Not. If you didn't read it (or are unfamiliar with the "story"), you might want to close your browser and come back after the holidays for something more upbeat, because it's truly sickening. As I said the other day, this isn't a pro-life or pro-choice issue for me. I still maintain that, even in light of the latest "news" via Pete Arnold, that CNN shared:
Arnold...bought the domain name "birthornot.com" before wife Alisha became pregnant about four months ago. He said he had been mulling the idea "for some time," adding that his wife is pro-choice but agreed that abortion was not on the table for them.
It's an issue of two people doing something very disgusting in a sad effort to ignite public fury over abortion. In my opinion, the only fury they've ignited is a discussion about how sick two people are for pulling this stunt -- one they pulled, according to Pete Arnold, so that people would "talk about this." Okay, fine, "stunt" was my word. Pete insists it's not a hoax or a stunt, but come on. I'm pretty logical. I can't get from "Should we have an abortion?" - decide whether or not we abort our baby - to "Let's talk about abortion in general." Because everyone has been far too focused on this specific situation to debate abortion in general. Pete Arnold told CNN, "We're talking about ending it [the vote] early. I think people are getting it." Um, getting what? That you took something extremely serious, personal and controversial -- abortion -- and made a mockery of it? Because activism is one thing...but this was just dumb. Before you think it's totally over, I should tell you about a post Pete's wife, Alisha Arnold, put on their website (Birth or Not) titled I Believe in Choice. In it, she insists that
Recently we were quoted by CNN as admitting that terminating the pregnancy was never on the table. This is simply not true...Although my intentions about this pregnancy may have changed over the course of the last few months I definitely didn’t start out feeling confident about proceeding with it.
If you read the entire post, it's apparent that she's quite miffed that CNN left her side of the story out of their article. She even says,
I’m the one that lost my job because of the media attention that this website has received and yet my opinions and statements seem to be discounted in favor of my husband’s. Since I’m the one carrying the baby it seems to me that this is a terrible oversight on the part of responsible media professionals.
Well, Alisha, woe is you. While I agree that responsible reporters need to tell the entire story (whether they did or didn't is beyond my knowledge), come on. This shouldn't have ever been a story. You lost our job. I can usually dig deep and find empathy for most people, but in this case? I'm comin' up empty. I'm going with Pete's story here. I think they're trying to keep the ball rolling and the website hits and publicity coming. And they are running out of steam, so this was a last ditch effort. While I'm glad this wasn't true -- because it would have been awful for this child to grow up in a home knowing his really parents considered aborting him for no good reason AND it would have been awful to abort a child because a majority of random "voters" said they should -- it's still beyond disgusting to me. In the end, there's a child that will enter the world and one day learn that his parents "jokingly" or "for political activism purposes" put to the internet a poll asking whether he should have been aborted. We can mess up our children in all sorts of ways, even when we're trying our hardest to be the best we can be. Way to begin the parenting journey being the worst you can be. Good luck with the actual parenting part once that innocent, sweet baby arrives.


See you next week for REAL, more upbeat and useful -- or at least funny! -- pregnancy and baby talk. Enough with the sick and wrong. Happy Thanksgiving!

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