Christmas is a sweet time of year for a baby shower. You can really go all out with this holiday-themed...
Christmas is a sweet time of year for a baby shower. You can really go all out with this holiday-themed baby shower.
  • For decor try the usual suspects, green and red or snowy decor colors, holiday flowers, evergreen greenery and a sweet Baby-Sock Stockings hanging Advent calendar assembled from baby socks is the perfect way to count down the days until baby (or Christmas) plus is totally adorable. Of course a sweet little Christmas tree is a must.
  • Have some festive, red, white and green onesies on hand and let guests decorate them with fabric paint or make homemade Christmas tree ornaments.
  • For food and drinks offer up holiday treats like gingerbread cookies cut in baby shapes and hot cranberry apple holiday cider.
  • For favors, stick with the holiday theme and give pretty hot chocolate or apple cider packs, holiday candles, candy canes, Christmas cookie cutters or some
  1. Holiday Clothesline Baby Shower Invitation: This cute invitation features a not-so-typical baby clothesline perfect for the holiday season.
  2. Make pretty little cupcakes with a holiday theme. I like these snow-minded treats.
  3. Instead of typical baby shower treat bags, use mini holiday stockings to put party favors in. Bonus points if you hang them on a tree. You can also personalize each with fabric paint for your guests.
  4. Use the Baby Wrap Mini by Bobo to wrap baby gifts. After the mama-to-be unwraps her gift the Baby Wrap Mini becomes a cute and comfy little security blanket for the new baby.
  5. Wow your guest with adorable Mini Holiday Brownie Favor Pops in festive Christmas colors.
  6. Seeded Holiday Party Favors - These are a unique and fun holiday favor. Flower seeds are hidden inside the festive paper confetti. Your guest simply add water and the soil pellet will expand beneath.
Snow cupcakes image © Flickr user seelensturm

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