Being On The Pill May Alter Relationship Satisfaction

Turns out there are highs and lows of taking the birth control pill when dating. New research shows that women...
Turns out there are highs and lows of taking the birth control pill when dating. New research shows that women who choose a new partner, when they're on the pill are more satisfied with their relationship, but less satisfied with the sex in that relationship. Researchers presented these findings inĀ Proceedings of the Royal Society B and added that women taking oral contraceptives (OC) when they choose a partner, have relationships that last two years longer (on average) than other women's relationships. Plus women on the pill, when they choose a partner are less likely to break up with their partner. This is an odd study, but really interesting. Women on OC when choosing their partner experienced less sexual arousal compared to the other women, were not as sexual attracted to their partner, and found their partner's sexual adventurousness lacking. Still, the research shows that sexual satisfaction grew better with time. On the flip side, women on the pill when meeting their partner scored their partner better in categories such as good father and good provider. Can't a girl get a break? Guess not, you've got birth control pills and better dads and providers or no pill and hotter sex. Sigh. Why does the pill make a difference? It sounds like the researchers aren't entirely sure, although they have some guesses. For example... Lower sexual satisfaction could be because of differences in attitudes towards uncommitted relationships. Past research shows that women's preference for men's body odor change depending if on the pill or not. Although, I guess that means, we should be able to smell out a good guy. While on the pill, women seem to prefer men who are genetically similar, while women not on the pill like the smell of genetically different males better. According to one doctor on the study, women think genetically dissimilar men are more attractive because resulting babies may be more healthy. During non-fertile stages women may be more attracted to men who appear more caring and reliable (i.e. they'd make a great dad) vs. just aiming for attractiveness. Oddly the research suggests that women who are engaged may want to lay off the hormonal contraception for a few months before getting married, in order to make sure that she's still attracted to her husband to be. Wow. + Source

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