Baby Halloween Costume Safety Tips

It's fun to dress up your baby on Halloween, but it's also smart to make sure your little one's costume...
It's fun to dress up your baby on Halloween, but it's also smart to make sure your little one's costume is safe. Following are some tips that can help you dress your baby safely and comfortably for Halloween activities. Don't force the issue: Some babies are a-okay with costumes. Other babies get simply miserable if you try to slip a costume on them. Halloween should be about fun, and no-one will be having any of that if your baby is a screaming banshee. If your baby isn't down with a real Halloween costume, dress him in a simple, yet cute Halloween onesie. Choose safe: Buy your baby a costume that's labeled “flame resistant.” There's much debate about the safety of flame retardants. In fact, I'm not a fan. However, Halloween is a time of candles in pumpkins and warm autumn fires, and costumes are extra hard to get off your baby in an emergency, so it pays to play it safe. Go with a tight fit: Baggy baby costumes or large tutus can more easily brush against lit candles or other Halloween luminary. Stay warm: Babies get chilly fast, so be sure to either choose a warm costume or layer baby in a baby tee then her costume. Long socks or tights can also hold in warmth, as well as a cute Halloween hat. Avoid makeup: Babies should be wearing face paint. Most contain chemicals and even if they're child safe, your baby is likely to put her hands on her face, then right into her mouth. Plus, many cosmetics can trigger allergies. Masks and babies don't mix: Masks are for older kids. Your baby can't tell you if a mask is hindering her breathing and most masks are too stuffy and uncomfortable for babies. Everyone really wants to see your little cutie's face anyhow. Masks can pose another danger for newly walking toddlers - impaired vision. [image via Flickr user koka_sexton]

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