Score A Free Baby Halloween Costume With A Costume Swap

Baby Halloween costumes are adorable, no doubt, but also costly. Especially when your baby will only fit into a costume...
Baby Halloween costumes are adorable, no doubt, but also costly. Especially when your baby will only fit into a costume once. Not only are brand new baby Halloween costumes expensive for you, but new costumes aren't so hot for the environment either. green halloween, eco halloween, costume swap, green holiday, National Costume Swap Day, halloween, costume exchange, save money, baby halloween costume, baby halloween It take lots of materials, packaging and shipping emissions to create the average Halloween costume, none of which is eco-friendly. Thankfully there's a better, greener way to celebrate Halloween that saves you a ton of cash to boot. To save money, and go green, why not celebrate National Costume Swap Day ? National Costume Swap Day sponsored by Green Halloween, and Kiwi Magazine and falls on Saturday, October 8, although swap events will be going on all October. During a costume swap, you can get together with other families with little ones and trade previous year's Halloween costumes in exchange for new-to-you baby Halloween costumes from another family. An event may be small, with just a few families attending, but planed well, a swap could also be a community-wide event. Not only will a costume swap save you cash, but it's fun to get together with other families with babies. It’s easy and 100% free to set up and host a Halloween Costume Swap in your community. Registering a Costume Swap is an excellent way to meet other local families in your community. Go to Costume Swap Day to find local swaps you can attend or even register your own event. New swaps can register every single day right up to Halloween. To learn more you can also participate in the National Costume Swap Day Twitter party on Tuesday, September 27, 9 p.m. EST #CostumeSwap or join up with Costume Swap Day on Facebook. Have you ever traded Halloween costumes with another family? Do you think you will this year? Baby Halloween image © Flickr user TedsBlog

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