A Supermom Attitude May Make You More Depressed

A can-do attitude is a great attribute for a mama, however, over doing it, for example, believing that you're a...
A can-do attitude is a great attribute for a mama, however, over doing it, for example, believing that you're a supermom who can do it all, may backfire and bring you down. According to a new study from the University of Washington, working mothers who think that work and home tasks can be blended easily, experience more depression than working mothers who expect that they can't do everything. As a working mom, it turns out that it's better to know up front that something has got to give. If you work and have kids, it's likely something will fall short. For example, your house may not be perfectly clean or you may have to spend less time than you'd like with the kids or give up a major work project. It's just tough to achieve a total work-life balance, so being realistic can help when the going gets rough. Katrina Leupp, sociology graduate student who led the study notes, "Women are sold a story that they can do it all, but most workplaces are still designed for employees without child-care responsibilities. [But] in reality, juggling home and work lives requires some sacrifice, such as cutting back on work hours and getting husbands to help more." Some key facts from this study:
  • Stay-at-home moms had more depression symptoms than the working moms in the study, which matches up with previous studies as well.
  • Among working moms, those with a supermom attitude were at a higher risk for depression.
  • Working moms with a more realistic attitude had less depression.
  • Guilt was a common issue among the supermoms, and the idea that they were messing up somewhere may contribute to depression.
  • Frustration over household chores not being split equally with a partner may also contribute to depression.
What's realistic? If you're a working mom, accept that you can't do it all. Get more help from your partner or kids. Don't over-schedule yourself or the kids. On your days off, take some time to relax. A day off from work isn't a day off if you're going nuts trying to make your house look perfect. It's ok to slack and relax with the kids. Learn more about working mom issues below:

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