Quick And Healthy Snacks For Your Young Toddler

Today even the youngest toddlers are being sold on overly expensive, overly packaged, often unhealthy snack foods. They've got puffy...
Today even the youngest toddlers are being sold on overly expensive, overly packaged, often unhealthy snack foods. They've got puffy things, fruit gel things and all kinds of sweets - none of which resemble real, honest to goodness food. It's true that young toddlers are tricky eaters. Young children eat smaller amounts more often so snack patrol can seem never-ending, especially if you've got other stuff to deal with like a baby sibling, chores, errands, or life. And sure those quick snacks and treats at the store seem like a dream come true because they make it easy for parents, but they're not setting the best long-term food example. Kids develop taste preferences from a very young age, so why not set them up for healthy choices? Instead of paying too much for way over packaged and over processed snack foods, try giving your little one real snacks that are still easy to make and way more healthy than packaged snacks. Try the following... Cheese shapes and crackers: Once a week take a few minutes and cut shapes out of thinly sliced mozzarella or cheddar cheese using a small cookie cutter (these will keep in a small container in the fridge). Serve with cut chunks of fruit and a few whole grain crackers. Sweet potato fries: Wash and peel an organic sweet potato. Cut into thin slices. Drizzle with a wee bit of olive oil and sprinkle with a little nutmeg. Bake until very soft. You can make a batch of these ahead of time, then keep them in the fridge. Warm slightly in the microwave before serving. Applesauce: Homemade organic applesauce is much easier than you think and can be kept, ready to eat, in the fridge. Wheat tortilla spread: Take one whole grain tortilla and spread it with a little light cream cheese, organic jam or a tiny bit of peanut butter. Fold over and cut into triangles. Kids who have mastered chewing and crunchier foods may like some pear slices or banana slices in their tortilla as well. Oatmeal: A bowl of instant oatmeal with a few blueberries or strawberry slices on top is a-ok for a snack, as are other cereals. Eggs: Hard boiled eggs can be made ahead and kept in the fridge for when snack-time strikes. Just peel and cut into slices. Make ahead ice pops: Ice pops can be made healthy for little ones and then become the perfect quick snack. Try classic vanilla tofu pops or find another healthy ice pop flavor. Melon: Melons are one of the easiest snacks for little ones. Not only is melon easy to chew, but cubed pieces keep extremely well in a Tupperware container, unlike other cut fruit, meaning, you can cut melon once a week, contain it, then quickly serve it up. Diced avocado: Cut up a very ripe avocado and serve with a slice of whole wheat bread.

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