Sex During Pregnancy - Tips To Make It Better

Your sexual relationship with your partner may not change at all during pregnancy, but then again, it very well could....
Your sexual relationship with your partner may not change at all during pregnancy, but then again, it very well could. Some women experience problems with sex during pregnancy due to annoying symptoms or emotional issues tied to the pregnancy. In any case, if sex has become less fun since you became pregnant, you shouldn't feel alone, because other women do go through the same thing. Pregnancy exercise, pregnancy Sex, oral sex during pregnancy, vibrators during pregnancy, pregnancy love, sexual pregnancy Following are some tips that may make your sex life during pregnancy a little bit better. Combat morning sickness blues. First of all, for most women morning sickness does end - so look forward to that! Secondly, track when your morning sickness is the worst, and obviously, plan sex during a totally different time of the day. Don't pressure yourself to try and feel sexy, when all you really feel is queasy. Be open with your partner and hold off on sex for a while if you need to. Get more comfortable. Your changing and expanding shape can make some positions you may be used to, a lot less comfortable. Break out of the rut and try some pregnancy-approved sex positions. Breast discomfort can kill the moment. If engorged breasts are making sex uncomfortable, try having your partner avoid your breasts or try wearing a very supportive (and sexy if you like) bra. Full on naked is fun sure, but a good bra can help reduce breast discomfort, which in turn can increase your comfort during sex. Wake up! Fatigue can hit at anytime during a pregnancy, with surprising force too. Previous night owls may find that 9pm seems terribly late to get busy. Plan around fatigue by getting a great nights' sleep every night and by scheduling sex earlier in the day. I know, scheduled sex sounds about as fun as morning sickness, but it won't be forever. You can still surprise your partner, just plan those surprises a little earlier. The big O issue. Be prepared for changes where orgasms are concerned. Some women have better orgasms while pregnant, but due to hormonal changes, the situation could go the other way too. Hormones during pregnancy increase blood flow in your body, even to your genitals, which can make orgasms either more or less enjoyable, depending on the woman. Don't be disappointed if the big O is less hot than before - you can always try again. Stay connected. Pregnancy should bring a couple closer together, however, often the opposite is true sexually. Both partners may be worried about what sort of parents they'll be or how they'll afford the baby. Try to fake it until you make it. In other words, stay connected, even if you're feeling less than sexy, and eventually you'll start to feel lovable and sexy without even trying. Try the following... Relax - in most cases pregnancy sex is safe. Often pregnant women don't enjoy sex as much because one, or both partners worry that sex may harm the baby. Discuss any major concerns with your doctor or midwife, but know that in most cases.... *IMPORTANT FACT: Remember, sex with your partner, even if you're carrying your partner's baby, is only good if you're on board. If someone is forcing you to have sex, EVEN IF you've had sex with that person before, it's never okay. That's domestic violence and you need to seek help.

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