Fun Retro Fisher Price Toys For Baby

Back To Basics Toys carries a nice selection of retro Fisher Price toys that will leave you nostalgic for your...
Back To Basics Toys carries a nice selection of retro Fisher Price toys that will leave you nostalgic for your own childhood - but in a fun way. It's awesome when toys can span generations, and these toys do just that. Your own baby will love these toys just as much as you did back in the day. [gallery]
  • Fisher Price Record Player: I so remember this little record player from when I was a kid. The original was introduced in 1971 and the new one features the same red box with yellow accents and records that actually play - “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?” and “Camptown Races.” Comes with 5 double-sided records that store inside the player. Requires 3 "AA" batteries. 18 mos+.
  • Who doesn't remember the Fisher Price Chatter Telephone Toy? This award-winning toy features the original moving eyes, chatter sound as it's pulled, plus a sweet bell sound when dialed. Retro packaging included. Age 1+.
  • Fisher Price Teaching Clock I never had this clock, but my little pal Tommy had an old one and I was soooo jealous. Based on the 1962 original, this Fisher-Price teaching clock has been redesigned as "The Little Red School House" and helps young children learn how to tell time. There's a revolving clock face, rotating hands and a music box inside. Battery-free! Age 1+.
  • I'm pretty sure everyone I knew when I was growing up had their own Fisher Price Corn Popper Push Along - and later I got my own son one too. First introduced it back in 1957, this classic popping toy still appeals to kids today and aids in the development of motor skills, refining coordination and balance. Age 1+.
  • I slightly remember the Musical Fisher Price TV from a day care I went to in the 70s. Originally released in 1966, this retro redo features scenes that glide by to the tunes of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "London Bridge." Story and words to the song scroll across the 7" screen. A kid-friendly handle allows for easy transport and no batteries are required! 1+.
  • I don't remember the Fisher Price Bouncy Bee, but it's super cute! Introduced in 1950, this happy yellow bee is a wonderful reproduction of the original and glides around buzzing with wings twirling and antennae bouncing as kids pull him along. 18 mos+
Which of these retro toys do you remember from your childhood? Are you getting your child any of them?

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