Americans Still Prefer Baby Boys Over Baby Girls

In the fight for gender equality in the United States, women have won the right to vote, scored higher paying...
In the fight for gender equality in the United States, women have won the right to vote, scored higher paying jobs and a few other rights, but it's obvious that women haven't come as far as we could have when you look at preferences surrounding our youngest residents. Baby gender, baby gender wish, favorite gender, gender myths, gender of baby, gender prediction In the United States, if allowed to choose, parents still overwhelmingly would rather have baby boys than baby girls, a situation that hasn't changed for since 1941. Yup, that's 70 years of parents typically thinking baby boys are better than baby girls. Astounding. According the the latest Gallup poll about baby gender, if Americans could have only one child, they would prefer that it be a boy rather than a girl, by a 40% to 28% margin. The rest of Americans polled had no preference or no opinion on the matter. Gallup notes that these attitudes are very similar to what Gallup measured way back in 1941, when Americans preferred a boy to a girl by a 38% to 24% margin. Other interesting facts about the latest gender Gallup poll include...
  • Men tend to want boys while more women are divided in their gender preferences.
  • Americans who are younger than 30 say they would prefer a boy to a girl by a 54% to 27% margin. As Americans age, they care less about gender.
  • The highest preference for a boy by age and gender is among men under 50.
  • Americans with lower education levels are more likely to say they would want a boy.
  • There is no income related preference; rich or poor, more Americans want boys across the board.
  • More Republicans want boys - Democrats are more balanced in their gender preference.
Interesting facts. I would have thought that gender preferences might have evened out more by now. Learn more about gender issues related to babies in the links below. If you could only have one child, which gender would you choose? Boy, girl or do you not care about gender? Let me know in the comments. + Source Photo © Flickr user Ⅿeagan

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