Home Births In The USA Have Jumped 20 Percent

On the heels of the news that another state (Vermont) will now require health insurers to cover home birth, is...
On the heels of the news that another state (Vermont) will now require health insurers to cover home birth, is more home birth news. Researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC_ looked at birth data for more than 4 million live births in the USA during 2008 and previous years and found that 28,357 babies were born at home in 2008. While that's only 0.67% total USA births, it's still impressive as it's the highest percentage of home births since 1990. Researchers say that the home births, overall have jumped 20% in recent years, and call that increase "pretty large." According to the data the CDC examined, this uprising in home births has been driven by a 28% spike in home births by non-Hispanic white women. The report shows that these aren't DIY births, but home births attended by a certified nurse-midwife, a certified midwife or a non-certified midwife. Once in a while, though rare, a physician is present at these births. Other key facts from this research include the following:
  • Montana women had the most home births (2.18%).
  • Women said they wanted home birth for various reasons, including, "A desire for a "low-intervention" birth" and a lower cost. The report states that home births usually cost only 1/3 of what a hospital birth does.
  • Currently, although other countries promote home birth as safe, the USA disagrees on how safe (or not) home birth is. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Medical Association discourage home births in their policy statements. On the flip side, the World Health Organization, the American College of Nurse-Midwives, the American Public Health Association and the National Perinatal Association all support home and out-of-hospital birth options for low-risk women.
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