House Votes To Bar Planned Parenthood From Federal Funding

So, as you may have heard, the House has voted to bar Planned Parenthood from federal funding. Mainly, it would...
So, as you may have heard, the House has voted to bar Planned Parenthood from federal funding. Mainly, it would seem, under some misguided idea that Planned Parenthood provides nothing more than abortion after abortion. In reality, Planned Parenthood, both now and in the past, has provided family planning, cancer screening, STD testing, referrals and so much more to the communities they serve. In fact according to The New York Times, "Planned Parenthood provides health screening, gynecological care, contraception and abortion services to some three million women at more than 800 clinics around the country." 3 MILLION WOMEN. Why yes, let's shut down yet another service to women. Officially, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to bar Planned Parenthood health centers from all federal funding for birth control, cancer screenings, HIV testing and other lifesaving care. How insane is this? Here's the thing, in spite of what loony toons like Glen Beck might have you believe, Planned Parenthood is not in the sex trafficking business. They're not the only clinic on the planet performing abortions either. If the government decided to cut funding from every hospital and clinic who provides the same services as Planned Parenthood, we'd end up with almost no health care in this country. Health care offered at Planned Parenthood clinics is comprehensive and sliding scale so that ALL not just SOME women can afford it. I've used Planned Parenthood to pick up birth control when I was in between health care plans. Plenty of my friends throughout the years have used Planned Parenthood as well. Plus when I was a social worker, many of the kids I worked with were able to get basic health care checkups from Planned Parenthood when other clinics turned them away. Cutting funding from a program that aims to support so many women, teens and now, even men, is seriously criminal in my opinion. HOW YOU CAN HELP PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Read Planned Parenthood's official statement on the cut. Stand with Planned Parenthood and sign their open letter about this insanely ignorant decision. The letter goes out to to every single representative in the House who voted for this unthinkable law along with every senator who still has a chance to stop it. If you can, considering donating to Planned Parenthood and spread the word to your friends and family so that they can offer support to Planned Parenthood as well.

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