Personally I think a baby monitor is one of those baby items you DO NOT need to invest in. I...
Personally I think a baby monitor is one of those baby items you DO NOT need to invest in. I never had one. Most of my pals never had one. Really, unless your home is huge and you leave your baby alone often, I can't see the point. Also you should consider that in many cases a baby monitor has been shown to make parents feel more anxious, not reassured, because they're constantly watching (or hearing) their baby's every move. A baby monitor may not allow you a moment's peace. Also, baby monitors cannot be used for much. Once you're done with it, you've just got a hunk of plastic, that can't be recycled, sitting around. On the flip side, a baby monitor can help you figure out if your baby is asleep or not, which can help prevent you from going in his room and waking him. We co-slept, so this was a moot point. Overall, I do think this is an expense most parents can skip. However, if you really feel you need one, here are some tips.... Currently on the market there are two basic types of baby monitors: audio and video/audio. Both of these types use a selected radio frequency band that sends sound from the baby's room to a receiver. To see an in-depth article about types of baby monitors visit Consumer Reports. Wireless products, like phones and computers can interfere with baby monitors. To minimize the possibility of interference between your monitor and other home devices, Consumer Reports notes that you should pick a baby monitor that operates on a different frequency band from other wireless products in your home. You can also try keeping conflicting devices apart - in different rooms if possible. Monitors come in portable handheld size or can be stationary. Decide which will suit your needs better before you buy. If you have close-by neighbors consider a digital monitor which allows you to only see and hear stuff going on in your own home, not in another home. Plus if you don't get digital, your neighbors with babies and their own monitor may be able to hear what's up in your house. Because of interference, which is common with monitors, most store do allow for returns on baby monitors. When you buy, pay close attention to the return policy. If you get too much interference, take the model back before the return period ends.

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