Once babies get hooked on baby bottles there's almost no going back. In fact a 2009 National Health Interview survey...
Once babies get hooked on baby bottles there's almost no going back. In fact a 2009 National Health Interview survey notes that about 20% of 2 year-olds and 9% of 3 year-olds still carry around a bottle. Some researchers think that prolonged time on the bottle can cause problems such as more cavities and so most pediatricians agree that babies should be off the bottle by the age of 18 months. Plus the longer you wait to switch to a cup or sippy, the harder it'll be. You can actually avoid bottles altogether by breastfeeding and then switching directly to a cup. However, if you formula feed or pump breast milk into a bottle, then of course, baby bottles come into play and most babies LOVE them. Fluid comes flying out of a bottle (easy) and it's soothing to suck on that nipple. If you've got a bottle addicted baby what can you do to help him break the habit and switch to a sippy or real cup? Use good timing: It's smart to choose a low-stress time to halt the bottle. Don't try to ween your child off his much beloved bottle on the day your tot starts a new daycare or when you bring his baby sister home. Pick a time that's typical; boring even. Make the cup fun: Take your little one to the store and allow him to choose between some various baby cups. Get fun cups with bright colors or cute designs. Make it a BIG deal: The cooler a cup sounds, the more likely your little one will want it. Talk about how awesome it is to drink from a cup. Point out other kids his age with their own sippy (peer pressure). Discuss the cup in "Big boy" terms, such as, "You're sooooo big to drink from this sippy!" Give a treat: Use your baby's bottle for boring fluids only, like water or milk. In the amazing sippy cup allow some juice. Of course you won't always give just juice in a sippy, but eventually your tot will see the sippy in a yummy positive light. Don't be mean or sneaky: Taking away all your little one's bottles in the dead of night or telling him he's bad for using a bottle won't help - it will make him extra resentful of you and his cup. Go at a slow pace and make the cup a reward not a punishment.

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