Labor Interventions Are Common, But They Shouldn't Be As They Often Cause More Harm Than Good.

In movies and on television you see a lot of labor and birth procedures going on. From c-sections to IVs...
In movies and on television you see a lot of labor and birth procedures going on. From c-sections to IVs to electronic fetal monitoring and more; women see this kind of stuff and it helps make labor and birth interventions seem normal, if not expected. However, The Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative via The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) points out that not only are many of these interventions not normal, but not even necessary. For women experiencing a low-risk pregnancy, research shows that the common interventions mentioned above, and others, do not actually improve the health outcome for mamas or babies. In fact, evidence further shows that for a low-risk pregnancy, interventions can cause harm. The report, The Evidence Basis for the Ten Steps of Mother Friendly Care, notes that inducing labor increased fetal distress and are more likely after birth to be admitted to the intensive care unit, than are babies born induction-free. The report also notes that in 85% of hospital births involving interventions resulted in some sort of adverse effect on the mother, the baby or both. Really, although now common in the USA, most labor and birth interventions are not normal, necessary or healthy. So, what's a mama-to-be to do? If you'd like a safer, less procedure based birth try the following: Use a midwife, not a doctor: Much research, including the The Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative, says that the number one way to avoid excess interventions is to have a midwife instead of an OB. Consider a doula: Women who have a doula during labor are less likely to experience interventions. Know your stuff: Read the Ten Steps of Mother‐Friendly Care (pdf) to find out what researchers say safe labor and childbirth should be like. Prepare for labor: Don't jump into labor blind because it could increase your risks of having interventions. Know your rights: In this day and age it seems like women have fewer and fewer rights during labor, but that's not actually true. You DO have rights and you should execute those rights when necessary.

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