One Of The Prettiest Baby Shops I've Ever Seen - Little You.

I know, I fall in love endlessly with many a cool baby shop. It's hard to believe me when I...
I know, I fall in love endlessly with many a cool baby shop. It's hard to believe me when I say, "Wow, I just found THE most amazing baby shop!" That said, I did just find another amazing shop - Little You. Trust me, this shop will not disappoint. The entire shop is so lovely I could barely choose favorites from all the gorgeous items. Somehow I managed though - take a look at these amazing finds... [gallery]
  • Combination Dolma beige: Oh so pretty and antique looking!
  • Taupe Leather Necklace: A beautiful jewel for mamas - handmade in a French factory. All metal components are in antique brass, nickel-free and treated. The sweet little pendant is full-grain leather with laminated fabric. The picture above shows both sides.
  • "Pia" Bobo Bib in a lovely girly print and color. One side is terry for eating in a more tidy manner and one side is fabric liberty.
  • A gorgeous Violet Jam Fairy that will look perfectly sweet on a nursery shelf. There were so many sweet Jam Fairies it was hard to choose one to share, but I thought, hmmm violet jam is nice. See the rest.
  • I'm pretty sure this is a decorative pillow by BarnabĂ© aime le cafĂ©, and it's amazing for a modern nursery. So cute!
  • Who thinks Cashemere Overalls are the cutest!? Me! This is such an excellent color for babies and I can't get over the adorable flower patches. For a boy, try the also lovely Combination Cashemere, which is sans patches.
Seriously, if you need an amazing new mama, new baby or first birthday gift, Little You has everything you've been dreaming of and more.

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