Internet Sperm Banks Are Popular, And Very Dangerous. You Should Always Seek Out A Reputable Sperm Bank Vs. An Unregulated Internet Sperm Bank.

If you're looking for a super risky way to get pregnant, then illegal Internet sperm has got you covered. However,...
If you're looking for a super risky way to get pregnant, then illegal Internet sperm has got you covered. However, know that turning to unregulated "sperm clinic" websites carries some serious risks. According to, a recent sperm shortage plus rising sperm clinic costs have pushed some U.K. women to investigate other sperm resources, such as the Internet. In related news, the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) noted that they're launching an investigation into "unethical" fertility websites. In also related news, Ricky Gage, 49, and Nigel Woodforth, 43, were just brought up on charges (and found guilty) of operating, Fertility 1st, an illegal online sperm clinic. According to the BBC, the pair have made an estimated income of £250,000 selling unlicensed sperm. This is no small business either. According to the Canada piece linked above, increasingly, sites such as and are so popular that they're getting more than two million hits each month. Members of these sites pay monthly subscription fees for the privilege of looking for sperm. The risks of getting pregnant in this manner can be serious though. The biggest concern is disease and safety. Unlike regulated clinics, Internet sperm sites fail to guarantee basic health safeguards against sexually transmitted infections or HIV. "These sites have no formal process to ensure that sperm donations are "clean", leaving the women to rely solely upon the donor's word, or medical certificates he produces." In fact, often the men involved with these sites offer up stuff like, "natural insemination" basically no-strings attached, unprotected sex. I really hope I don't have to tell you how dangerous this is. Unprotected sex, not to mention heading off alone somewhere with a total stranger for sex is seriously unsafe and stupid behavior. The consequences of this could be deadly. If you go with an unregulated clinic you're walking on very dangerous legal ground as well. There are zero safeguards in place to protect you and your eventual child from custody battles and other nonsense. You have no reliable background info on the sperm donor and even if they give you a long history, it could be bunk. If you are considering artificial insemination, you must talk to your doctor about reputable sperm banks in your area. Avoid Internet sperm banks and once your doctor recommends a sperm bank, find out about the safety procedures they use to protect you from std infections and find out how they work out legal issues related to the father's rights. Find a reputable sperm bank:

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