McDonald's Underestimates How Mad Mamas Get When You Kick Out Breastfeeding Women.

In, WTF news, a breastfeeding mama was kicked out of an Arizona McDonald's this past week after attempting to breastfeed...
In, WTF news, a breastfeeding mama was kicked out of an Arizona McDonald's this past week after attempting to breastfeed her six month-old baby. According to news reports, mama Clarissa Bradford said she arrived at the McDonald's after church. However, once she started nursing baby in the play area, the restaurant manager told them to leave. Bradford pointed out that she was legally allowed to nurse anywhere in the state of Arizona, but the manager wouldn't budge. Bradford then said the manager followed her into the parking lot and threatened to call police, in front of the other children. Really? Not a smart move during National Breastfeeding Month or any month. According to Bradford she was completely covered with a t-shirt and nursing discreetly, which in my opinion is besides the point. Legally, discreet or not, women are allowed, in most states, (Arizona included) to nurse in public. An Arizona CBS 5 news crew went to this McDonald's to get answers, but were turned away at the door by restaurant manager Ed O'Keefe, who demanded they leave the property. Now two things have happened: First of all, McDonald's restaurant owner, Dorothy Stingley, apologized for the incident in a statement e-mailed to CBS 5 News, noting, "As the owner of this restaurant, I would like to apologize to this customer for her recent experience at my restaurant. As a mother myself, I understand why this is upsetting... Rest assured, it has never been our policy to ask nursing mothers to leave our restaurant. This was a mistake. All employees are required to comply with local, state and federal laws." Owner Stingley went on to say, "Our top priority is always to satisfy our customers, and I have personally spoken to my restaurant management team to ensure this does not happen again." Bradford called the owner's apology weak. Personally I'd have fired the manager who kicked Bradford out. Then of course there was the inevitable backlash from enraged mamas in Arizona who decided to stage a "nurse-in" inside the McDonald's. Mama protesters gathered at the Golden Arches this past Saturday and started nursing at the same time. The group of breastfeeding mama were not asked to leave at any point during the protest and word from management is that it won't happen again. See a video of the nurse-in. Well, it's not as if I loved McDonald's before, but this is the cherry on their lameness cake. Shouldn't America be past their breastfeeding issues by now? Learn more:

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