Is Oral Sex Safe During Pregnancy Or Even When You're Not Preggers? What About The Dreaded Air Bubble!?

If you're pregnant, or even if you're not, you may have heard of the dreaded air emboli rumor that some...
If you're pregnant, or even if you're not, you may have heard of the dreaded air emboli rumor that some people say can occur during oral sex. An air embolus is technically a big air bubble in the bloodstream. Everyone has super tiny amounts of oxygen in the blood, but a big bubble of air, if large enough to fill a blood vessel, can block blood flow. An air bubble that's too large could even block blood flow to the heart or brain. Of course we want our heart and brain to be working like clockwork. That said, the whole idea of a "killing oral sex air bubble" is a bit overblown. According to a UNM article, "An air embolus from oral sex is extremely rare... There are only a few cases in the medical literature. Most of these happened when the woman was pregnant or just after she had a baby." The article goes on to say, "Pregnancy causes the veins in and around the vagina and uterus to get bigger than usual. Dilated blood vessels have weaker walls. If air was forced into the vagina and uterus, a bubble could break through these weakened blood vessels and cause an embolus." This is why some doctors and midwives caution women against receiving oral sex during pregnancy. That said, if you're not preggers, it would take an extremely unusually large amount of air and pressure to create an air embolus. For example, the piece states, "Your partner would have to make a tight seal and blow hard... Just don’t let your partner try to blow you up like a balloon, and you should be safe." In fact, minor air trapping is not uncommon during sex, both oral and vaginal but it's not a safety issue. The bottom line: If pregnant, you may want to err on the side of caution and avoid over-enthusiastic oral sex. If you're not pregnant AND you're not in possession of an air tank used for unconventional purposes, you should be fine. What you should be worried about is keeping yourself safe from serious diseases. You're far more likely to be exposed to a sexually transmitted disease than you are an air bubble during oral sex. On a side note, I totally, randomly came across this UNM article while looking for something else. It's very strange I found this article randomly, because it's written by Peggy Spencer, a board-certified family physician in New Mexico, who is also one of the UNM professors I did RN clinicals with when I was in the nursing program at UNM. That's good news though, because Peggy rocked and really knew her stuff, so you can be sure that oral sex is safe if she says so :) *Source

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