You Can Find Awesome Baby Teethers At Etsy - Handmade, Lovely And Non-Toxic.

You guys love Etsy! Many of you read and adored the post six baby Etsy must haves, which frankly makes...
You guys love Etsy! Many of you read and adored the post six baby Etsy must haves, which frankly makes me pretty happy, because I love Etsy too. It was hard to choose just six cool Etsy baby items. With that in mind, I thought we'd take another look (or two) at Etsy. One of the coolest handmade items you can score at Etsy, for your little one, is a sweet teether. Etsy artists come up with some amazing baby teethers - here are six of my faves. [gallery] Little Alouette: This shop makes the most gorgeous, simple organic rattle teethers. They actually have many teether designs, but their basic smooth teether is so beautiful that it's my fave. The classic organic teething toy is made with locally sourced natural maple wood and non-toxic finish. So smooth and lovely. Little Sapling Toys: We looked at Little Sapling Toys in the last post, but they really do rock. All their natural teethers are handmade, non-toxic, gorgeous and for each purchase a tree is planted. Their newest design is very stately; literally. You can get an amazing teether in your state's shape - the perfect way to celebrate the birth of your little one. Of course, I'm partial to Oregon. Dress Me Up - offer the cute Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbon is wood-free, plastic-free and made with certified organic cotton and naturally antibacterial lamb’s wool. Great as a gentle, safe and responsible solution for teething pain or as baby’s first toothbrush. Hudson Block Co.: This co. makes the round Lil' Pond Teether which is hand crafted from Missouri hard maple, sanded satiny smooth for tender little gums and finished with certified organic flax seed oil. The cute images are custom brands of original artwork. You choose the images branded on each side of the teether ... a frog, dragonfly, or baby's initial. Stones of Healing: Offers up the Ultimate New Mother Nursing Necklace Gift Set is a great shower gift for new mamas. Babies love to grab mom's jewelry, and with these teether necklaces, they can. The set includes; one wooden teething ring nursing necklaces personalized with a child's name, an individual teething ring and one stone pendant nursing necklace. The wooden rings are raw, unfinished all natural Birch wood from Canada or Maine. Tweet Baby Designs - in more chomping jewelry news, this shop offers a wide array of great jewelry that baby can munch on. Each unique necklace is the perfect mix of sassy momma and happy baby. Made with unfinished natural wood beads, designer fabrics that acts as a great tool, absorbing baby drool. There are many styles to choose from too!

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