In yet another chapter of, "Let's blame mothers for everything," a new study has found that working mamas have fatter...
In yet another chapter of, "Let's blame mothers for everything," a new study has found that working mamas have fatter kids. Nice. Now, no one, me especially is saying that the childhood obesity epidemic doesn't matter. It's a HUGE deal. But, to blame working mamas seems like yet another ploy by people to blame mothers for doing what men have been allowed to do for decades. According to the study, "The growing number of full-time working moms in the past few decades could be one of the factors contributing to the concurrent rise in childhood obesity." Researchers found that working mamas' young children were 50% more likely to be overweight or obese than they themselves had been back in the 1960s. The findings, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, do not prove that a mamas full-time work, is the total cause of childhood obesity but a factor related to the problem. The researchers note that one issue could be that children of full-time working moms have fewer family meals or less-healthy diets in general. Um, because what, dads can't cook? Oddly the study lacked information on the children's diets and exercise habits, so it is not known whether kids of working moms did in fact have poorer-quality diets or were less active. Researchers did find that both parents' current weight and mothers' employment status were related to obesity. Most experts think that a complex mix of societal factors like poor eating habits, reliance on cars and increasing hours logged in front of the TV or computer have all been behind the rise in childhood weight problems in recent decades, not just working mamas. I agree that the childhood obesity epidemic is totally out of hand. But, to study working mamas NOT working parents (i.e. moms and dads) as a cause is just lame. Americans seem to love to blame working mothers for everything that's wrong with our kids and it's so not cool. Mothers can work and have well-adjusted (not fat) kids you know. Sigh. Learn more: *Source

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