Postpartum Exercise Has Many Benefits. Learn The Basics And Get Fit And Healthy!

Hopefully you were active before pregnancy and during pregnancy - since exercise helps build a healthy mama and baby bod....
Hopefully you were active before pregnancy and during pregnancy - since exercise helps build a healthy mama and baby bod. That said, even if you weren't perfectly active before, you can still start an exercise program after you give birth. New babies and all that excess postpartum weight often give women the extra motivation needed to start a new fitness plan. Exercising has many benefits for new mamas:
  • You'll have more energy.
  • You'll feel better - exercise helps combat postpartum fatigue and even the baby blues.
  • You'll be setting a great example for your little one about developing lifelong healthy habits.
  • You can more easily shed excess weight you gained during your pregnancy.
Easy guide to getting started with exercising after birth: Set realistic goals.
  • It's not all about weight loss; postpartum exercise is about a healthy life. If you get all keyed up to loose weight fast, you'll be disappointed.
  • Go slow. If you didn't exercise much in the past, trying too hard and doing too much will burn you out. Burn out tends to result in mamas who fail to exercise altogether. Ease gradually into your new exercise program after having a baby. Once you get used to an easy pace, you can pick up some more intense exercises.
  • You do have to eat well - the best thing for postpartum weight loss is regular exercise AND healthy eating.
  • Breast feeding is good but... There's no real truth behind the whole, "breastfeeding helps you shed weight" deal. Don't get me wrong, breastfeeding rocks, but breastfeed for good health (for both baby and you) not simply to loose weight or you may be disappointed.
Start an exercise program.
  • Before starting an exercise program get your midwife or doctor's approval.
  • If you had a baby via cesarean section you may need to wait a little longer to start exercising - again ask your doctor or midwife about it.
  • Learn about safe post-pregnancy exercise.
  • Listen to your body before you exercise. Sometimes you may be overly tired or not feeling well. These might be good times to skip exercising. Keep in mind, it's normal to be tired after your baby arrives. Don't skip exercise too much or you won't reap the benefits.
  • Listen to your body during exercise and watch out for key danger signs.
  • Stay hydrated! Especially if you're breastfeeding, you can't exercise without drinking plenty of fluids. Water is best.
Stick with it! Make it fun so you stick with it. Exercise with a pal, try a fun stroller workout or get an exercise bike and indulge in your favorite silly TV show while you work out. Learn more:

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