Lost Lovey? No Problem - Check Out LostMyLovey For A Possible Solution!

If you've got a little one you know how attached kids can become to their favorite lovey. Having and being...
If you've got a little one you know how attached kids can become to their favorite lovey. Having and being attached to a blanket or favorite stuffed animal is a developmental step many kids go through, but what happens when that lovey is lost? Chaos! LostMyLovey.com, a new online lost-and-found for children’s toys, aims to help solve the lost lovey situation by offering parents a place to turn when their little ones turn flips out over the loss of their most prized possession. Trust me, little ones can freak out about this too. My own son Cedar had a blanket that he LOVED. When said blanket bit the dust, after years of washing and love, it would have been nice to have a second one because Cedar flipped when it was gone. LostMyLovey allows parents to post a free lost item listing for their child’s toy for one year. Finders can contact the parents via the website. If parents know their toy is gone forever, or they simply want a backup lovey, they can list an item in Replacements Wanted, where other parents suggest places to purchase a replacement. LostMyLovey also offers the LostMyLovey ID Tag, which keeps your little one's fave lovey safer during outings. The soft and cozy ID tag comes with a unique ID code that attaches to a child’s toy with an elastic loop. The code allows anyone who finds the toy to contact the LostMyLovey staff to alert them that the item has been found, while keeping the parents’ contact information private. LostMyLovey then coordinates with the Finder and Owner to get the item back home safely. The website also features:
  • Confidential return of items via the LoveyMailer service.
  • Found item listings.
  • Reader stories.
  • Articles and news about recent toy recalls.
  • And more.
Visit LostMyLovey.com.

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