The Best Fixed Side Cribs Eco-Friendly Cribs For Your Baby.

No crib is foolproof. Any crib can be recalled for a number of reasons. That said, in light of all...
No crib is foolproof. Any crib can be recalled for a number of reasons. That said, in light of all the thousands of drop-side crib recalls as of late, I'm going to go out on a limb and say, get a fixed side crib! In fact, the Consumer Products Safety Commission notes that three quarters of all crib recalls are due to failures in drop-side hardware. Additionally, while we're talking safety, we may as well go eco-friendly too right? Here are six good fixed side eco-friendly crib choices... [gallery] The Sparrow Crib: Eco-friendly, classic and lovely. Oeuf uses fixed side rails to offer one of the sturdiest and safest cribs available. Plus this crib grows with your child, converting to a toddler bed, making the price affordable. Available in sophisticated grey or white tones, or a lustrous natural birch finish. Finishes are non-toxic and water-based, free of VOC health hazards. Ola! Crib: The convertible crib has a three height-adjustable mattress platform and fixed side rails. When the child outgrows the crib, the sides can be removed to convert the piece into a toddler bed, and then again, when the toddler bed is outgrown, the crib’s side panels can be converted into a twin bed that will take the child through their teenage years. BAM Crib: The BAM crib features a fixed rail construction for increased stability and longevity while a unique six-point leg design increases the safety and strength of the crib. Crib Mattress is adjustable to three positions. Mattress support construction is durable and made from sturdy hardwood. Crib is easy to assemble, compact, lightweight and designed with efficiency in mind. Optional accessories include a trundle drawer and a toddler bed conversion kit that is available and sold separately. Alex Crib: Four mattress height settings and fixed side rails for stability. Toddler bed conversion kit (optional). Plus tons of custom colors, styles and appliques available. The Oops Crib: This is one of my most favorite cribs on earth. It's pricey but amazing. Sturdy, child-safe sides are built from bamboo. Comfortingly solid ends make a visual statement. This piece will last multiple generations -intended or not. Made with reclaimed wood and finished in raw, food grade tung oil. This is one of the few cribs ever to make me want a crib. Studio Crib: Has fixed side rails, three point adjustable mattress height, under crib drawer, changing table hideaway cabinet and converts to toddler daybed and built-in desk. Sides come in citrus, cotton candy, lime, navy or snow.

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