Unprotected Sex Can Result In A Pregnancy No Matter When Or Where Said Sex Takes Place.

Unprotected sex can result in a pregnancy no matter when or where said sex takes place. You might think this...
Unprotected sex can result in a pregnancy no matter when or where said sex takes place. You might think this one is a no brainer - most people have heard about unprotected sex resulting in pregnancy. However, in various pregnancy forums I've seen people ask if unprotected sex will result in a pregnancy so many times it makes my brain hurt. Also, with all those surprise pregnancies popping up it makes sense to recap. Unprotected sex at any time can result in a pregnancy. In fact, protected sex may result in a pregnancy (but that's a longer story). For the sake of this post we'll just talk about unprotected sex. By unprotected sex I mean... sex where you don't use a condom or other barrier protection; sex and you're not taking birth control pills; sex and you and your partner have not had a sterility procedure, such as a vasectomy. When can unprotected sex result in a pregnancy?
  • If you have sex and it's your first time OR if it's your partner's first time.
  • If you have sex anytime after that first time.
  • If you have sex for a little bit then stop.
  • If you have sex with a super old guy or a super young guy or a guy who is anywhere in-between.
  • If you have sex and infertility runs in your family - that doesn't mean infertility runs in you.
  • If you have sex in a swimming pool, shower, bathtub or other water-type environment.
  • If you have sex and then pee or shower or douche right away. PS jumping up and down won't prevent a pregnancy either.
  • If you have sex during your period OR even before you get your first period.
  • If you have sex and just had a baby or are breastfeeding a baby.
  • If you have sex and your partner pulls out - this is not a birth control method.
  • If you have sex but don't want kids. Not wanting something really doesn't matter.
  • If you have sex and you're young or older. All ages of women become pregnant.
  • If you have sex and your partner says he's on birth control so don't worry. Um, currently there's no birth control for men other than condoms. Not that some boys won't try - it's up to you to call them out.
  • If you have sex and you or your partner do not have an orgasm or if both or one of you have an orgasm.
Basically imagine any situation in which you have unprotected sex - any of those situations you just imagined - they can result in a pregnancy unless you're already pregnant. All that said, you should also be aware that a bouncing baby is the least of your problems if you're having unprotected sex. A baby is 100 times better than the many deadly diseases you can catch if you have unprotected sex. If you don't want to get pregnant: You have two options. One, don't have sex. Two choose a safe birth control method and use it correctly every single time you have sex.

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