Co-Sleeping Is Not Only Safe But In An Age Of Massive Crib Recalls It Saves You Time And Money.

There's been crib recall after crib recall this year - it's enough to make you want to shun baby cribs...
There's been crib recall after crib recall this year - it's enough to make you want to shun baby cribs altogether.

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And actually no crib at all is a viable option. I never owned a crib. My family co-slept. Co-sleeping is controversial but co-sleeping also eliminates the darn crib saving you money and despite what some say, it worked for us and I feel co-sleeping is safe for a majority of families. When my son was about 9 months old we got him a firm little futon, placed it on his bedroom floor and sometimes he'd sleep on that - say if my son wanted some alone time (or us parents did). Since kids don't outgrow mattresses like they do cribs, this move not only was safe but saved us money. IF you do decide on co-sleeping then a straight to a mattress life for your little one make sure you place the mattress on the floor, not on a frame (too high and your baby could fall) and don't allow your baby to sleep alone on the mattress until your baby is well passed the risk for SIDS. To learn more about safe co-sleeping read the following: Coming up we'll look at more options for parents who are sick to death of crib recalls - despite conventional wisdom and all those baby gear books your little one doesn't actually ever need a crib. We'll also look at some safe crib buying tips, in case you still want a baby crib.

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