Everyone Is Freaking Out About Baby Slings But Fewer Slings Than Cribs Are Recalled Annually - Why Not Insist Everyone Co-Sleep?

I noted earlier that this morning I was in a rather cranky mood on the baby front. Mainly because of...
I noted earlier that this morning I was in a rather cranky mood on the baby front. Mainly because of the major baby sling recall - which in itself didn't bother me, but what did is that it's helping to fuel the whole “Slings will kill your baby” fire. Time Magazine posted a piece about this yesterday that really irked me and that I personally don't think was helpful. For example, while the Time piece attempts to be fair on both sides I don't think they quite managed. First the article discusses the author's perspective of hating her own baby sling, which fine, is fair, but slings aren't all the same. Secondly the article makes a point of the following...
Earlier in March, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission cautioned parents about using slings with babies under 4 months or those born prematurely or having trouble breathing (what baby doesn't catch colds frequently?) as it investigates at least 14 deaths over two decades.
Which might be true but seriously, cribs are recalled all the time. In fact, 2009 was a banner year for crib recalls and even had what might be the biggest crib recall of all time occur. While various people are using the sling recall to point out just how super dangerous slings are, cribs get very little publicity on this front. It's almost as if we expect the crib recalls and aren't fazed. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has a most wanted list of dangerous baby items and it's chock full of cribs. In fact if you browse the current listing of recalled baby products it's smack full of cribs but not slings. My point - it just kind of irks me that people are saying things like, "This proves slings suck - ha take that attachment parents!" as if the attachment parenting movement is made up of the stupid parents. Here's the thing, many parents who believe in attachment parenting also believe in co-sleeping. Cribs, as it turns out are super recalled, yet you don't hear many attachment parenting advocates saying, "Take that non-co-sleepers - another crib recall... how come you're not all co-sleeping yet?" Basically I think there good cribs and bad ones. Good slings and bad ones. I don't think this whole slings are evil frenzy is warranted at all. Learn how to use a sling correctly and how to choose the best baby carrier for your family.

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