Nothing Is More Fun Than An Excellent Set Of Wooden Baby Blocks!

I'm in a rather cranky mood on the baby front. As you heard here (and likely all over the news)...
I'm in a rather cranky mood on the baby front. As you heard here (and likely all over the news) yesterday there's been a major baby sling recall - which is sort of fueling the whole "Slings will kill your baby" fire. There was a piece at Time Magazine about this yesterday that really irked me, (which I'll comment on later) so yeah, so far as babies go, I'm not in the best mood. With that in mind, something is needed to cheer me up, and what better than my most favorite baby toy - baby blocks! If you read here often you'd know that I'm a baby block gusher. I love them. Baby blocks are developmentally awesome, safe, fun and many sets are beautiful and unique. I recently found some new handmade baby blocks that are so super fantastic you will faint. The Hello Baby Store makes the most amazing handmade blocks from untreated pine and then customizes them in all kinds of delightful ways. They are cut and sanded smooth before any customization takes place. Only non-toxic, waterbased sealer is used and blocks are made to withstand light play. The blocks are NOT made to be teething toys and supervision is recommended when small children are playing. Check out some of these great handmade baby block sets... [gallery] These blocks are available in sets of 6, 8, 10, or 12 and you can even get simple handmade natural blocks. All sets are very reasonably priced. Visit The Hello Baby Store to learn more. Ah, now I'm starting to feel a little better about babies for the day.

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