Surprise Pregnancies Are More Common Then We Think, But That Doesn't Mean You Have To Have One.

I recently read very interesting piece, When women don't know they're pregnant at the SF Gate about women who don't...
I recently read very interesting piece, When women don't know they're pregnant at the SF Gate about women who don't know they're pregnant then suddenly give birth - the article points out that this strange event may not be so uncommon as we think. It's not common for sure, but after reading the article I realized that maybe it happens more then I thought it did.

surprise pregnancy

It's so crazy to think that in this day and age surprise pregnancies happen. I mean there's the lack of period, the cravings and sore boobs and most of all that growing belly. In spite of all of this women sometimes still don't realize they're preggers. In fact, some women don't even have the above symptoms. For example, they may still be bleeding or they may not gain much weight. Now, while surprise pregnancies do make for interesting media stories, they're troublesome to me, because proper prenatal care is key if you want the best, most healthy pregnancy. If you don't know you're pregnant, it's very unlikely you'd be seeking prenatal care. Also, while some women claim total surprise, and I don't want to discount their story, something in me doesn't quite believe that there were zero signs. There's usually a sign of pregnancy, even a small one that can clue you in. Here are some tips if you want to avoid a surprise delivery... There's almost always a sign: As noted above, I find it really hard to believe that NOTHING changed for these women. That seems incredible to me. Try to be in-tune with your body. When something is amiss with your body, even if it's just a weird ongoing feeling that something is amiss, it may be smart to see a doctor. To learn more read the following... FACT - if you are of childbearing age (i.e. you've hit puberty) you can get pregnant and have a baby: Just because you're a teenager or single woman who feels like she's not ready you might still get pregnant if you have unprotected sex. Don't let your age or emotional feelings about pregnancy trick you. I've talked to many a woman who say things like, "But I was never sure I wanted kids, so I didn't think I could be pregnant." You may not be ready. You may not want kids. Surprise, your body thinks it's ok. All you need is some viable sperm and an egg - emotions don't factor in. If you using birth control you can get pregnant and have a baby: Women get pregnant on the pill. Women get pregnant while using a condom. Women most absolutely get pregnant while breastfeeding. Don't assume your birth control is foolproof. If you're having pregnancy symptoms, it's not uncommon to think, "I'm on the pill so there's no way I'm pregnant" but it is incorrect to think that way. If a home pregnancy test says you're pregnant know that you most likely ARE pregnant: These tests offer pretty accurate results with few exceptions. Now if all the above fails, and you do find yourself experiencing an emergency delivery, it's always best to call 911. But you can also read how to manage an emergency baby delivery and possible complications of an emergency baby delivery.

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