An Amazing Organic Gift Set For Mama And Baby - Packed With Healthy Body Care Goodies And A Sweet Organic Toy.

If you're looking for an ultimate baby shower or new mama and baby gift then this beautiful BABYBEARSHOP Organic Gift...
If you're looking for an ultimate baby shower or new mama and baby gift then this beautiful BABYBEARSHOP Organic Gift Set - Cherish, is just the ticket. Make sure you read all the way through this post because you just might be able to score one of these lovely gift sets FREE!


What's included in the Cherish Gift Set: 99% Organic Mama Belly Oil (8oz): This mama oil is perfect for pregnancy and beyond. A great treat for your pregnant blossoming skin and easily absorbed, leaving no greasy residue. You can use this on your belly to combat stretchmarks or simply pour three capfuls in bath to relax and moisturize. Calming, yet uplifting aroma. This oil is healthy and certified organic. Containing zero parabens, synthetic fragrance, or colors this mama oil is 100% natural and made with 100% plant-derived ingredients, such as...
  • sunflower oil,
  • rosehip seed oil,
  • calendula flower oil,
  • olive oil,
  • lavender oil
  • roman chamomile oil,
  • red mandarin oil
  • tocopherol (vitamin e).
99% Organic Cheeky Baby Butter (4oz): To use this amazing baby balm just scoop out a teensy bit and warm in hands until it melts like butter. Apply to baby's dry skin or chapped cheeks. This skin butter is also perfect for parched mamas, wrinkles (not that you have any), stretchmarks, or can be used for a soothing massage. 99% organic, free from harmful parabens, synthetic fragrance, and fake colors and made with 100% natural, 100% plant-derived ingredients:
  • shea butter
  • beeswax
  • sunflower oil
  • rosehip seed oil
  • calendula flower oil
  • olive oil
  • lavender oil
  • roman chamomile oil
  • red mandarin oil
  • tocopherol (vitamin e)
Organic Cotton Grape Toy: This amazing baby toy is a cuddly friend and teething toy in one. Adorable and perfectly safe for your child to play with and chew on. Made by Under the Nile with the finest 100% organic Egyptian cotton. [gallery] The entire gift set is beautifully packaged and ready to give with earthy, amber- hued bottles with vintage story-book illustrations, packaged in recycled kraft paper box with brown polka dot bow. All of BABYBEARSHOP's products included in this gift set are cruelty-free, not tested on animals and vegan. The company also nicely discloses all ingredients used in their products. Additionally, this is an organic mama and baby shop you can feel good about. For each order placed, BABYBEARSHOP plants a tree to offset carbon emissions and are a member of Co-op America, Safecosmetics, Organic Trade Association, Healthy Child Healthy World, PETA and Trees for the Future.Visit BABYBEARSHOP to learn more. If you're interested in winning this amazing gift set, stay tuned. Coming up soon I'll tell you how you can win this gift set for yourself or to give to a pregnant friend.

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