Here at Pregnancy & Baby we are HUGE breastfeeding advocates. Not only is breast milk the healthiest food for your...
Here at Pregnancy & Baby we are HUGE breastfeeding advocates. Not only is breast milk the healthiest food for your baby but breastfeeding offers mama health benefits along with bonding benefits. Now, that said, all mamas need to choose their own path. Breastfeeding does not work for everyone and if you can't breastfeed or simply don't want to, you can rest assured that there are actually some useful benefits of bottle feeding. breast-or-bottle Bottle feeding offers mama freedom. It can be hard to be attached to your baby 24/7, and if you breastfeed it can be overwhelming due to the sheer amount of time you must be with your baby. Bottle feeding means you get to go out and get some down time away from your baby. More sleep! Formula won't make your baby sleep any better than breast milk, but what bottle feeding will do is allow you to get more sleep. As a breast feeder you, not your partner will have to get up in the night to feed your baby. I co-slept, which helped a lot because I'd just roll over and feed my baby. However, if you bottle feed someone else can take over some of the nighttime feedings entirely, without worry about pumping milk or leaking breasts. You can eat what you like. I breastfed my son forever, and couldn't have wine or as much coffee as I wanted the whole darn time. The foods and beverages you eat and drink are passed on to your baby through breast milk and he may not respond well to what you're eating. Typical foods that babies react badly to in breast milk include garlic, cabbage, spicy foods, and alcohol. Bottle feeding allows dads to be more involved. This is a given because I've yet to see a dad breastfeed but plenty bottle feed. THE BEST REASON TO BOTTLE FEED - If you're angry or frustrated or upset with the breastfeeding experience, and will be in a better mood if you bottle feed, then by all means please bottle feed. Your baby needs you happy, confident, and capable much more than he needs breast milk. If breastfeeding is creating continual problems between your baby and you it's much better to bottle feed. If you do bottle feed make sure you buy safe baby bottles, choose healthy formula, and follow safe formula preparation techniques. Also read a guide about how to bottle feed your baby correctly. BEFORE YOU CHOOSE BETWEEN BREASTFEEDING OR BOTTLE READ THIS... I do believe you should at least try to breastfeed. However, I also know that it’s impossible to say what’s right for one mama vs. another. Your baby can still be healthy if you don’t breastfeed. Your baby will still adore you, and you’re still a good mama, even if you bottle feed right from the start. If other mamas harass you for not breastfeeding trust me, they’re rude, and not worth your energy. Ignore them. I will add this - the major reason that women don’t breastfeed is a lack of support. Make sure you get support before giving up on breastfeeding altogether.

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