Eco-friendly is the way to go when you can. Green toys are made with sustainable materials which is good for...
Eco-friendly is the way to go when you can. Green toys are made with sustainable materials which is good for your baby on the whole - i.e. that helps keep their planet healthy. Green toys also are safe and non-toxic and often have less flash and more substance which means your little one may be more stimulated to engage in pretend play and use his imagination. Plus, eco-friendly toys are just plain cool. Many green toys are amazingly designed, unique, and creative such as... [gallery] Seahorse Seesaw - ultra neat seesaw fun for little ones. Handmade with wood and stained with plant-based stains, this rocking toy will impress your baby and you. Grimm's Spiel & Holz Wooden Rainbow Nesting Bowls Set - no baby will be able to resist the bright colors of this fun stacking and nesting toy. This classic wooden set is hand-crafted by and includes five rainbow nesting bowls, sized for little hands. Your wee one can stack and unstack the bowls; nest the bowls and develop hand-eye coordination. Wood is stained with child-safe water-based dyes and lightly finished with a natural food-grade oil. Adorable organic sock monkey! Made from 85% cotton certified organic cotton that comes from less than perfect Organic Solid Cotton socks, by a 100% worker-owned co-operative in North Carolina. Each monkey is hand sewn and one of a kind, machine washable, and there are no small parts that could harm your little one. Woodpecker Walker - great for motivating new walkers. When children push this toy, woodpeckers create a sound. Made by Plan Toys with recycled rubber wood and non-toxic finishes. Cuter than cute Keptin Jr - Organic Cotton Doll with Natural Stripe Dress - This sweet smiling 100% organic cotton doll is filled with pure wool and is ready to cuddle. Kling Klang Music Box - awesome fun made with natural wood and non-toxic paints. When your little one turns the wheel a charming melody plays. Smaller tots will need your help with this toy at first but later can play with it all on their own.

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