You've still got some time to round up a safe and adorable Valentine's Day toy for your little one. Remember...
You've still got some time to round up a safe and adorable Valentine's Day toy for your little one. Remember when it comes to your baby a useful baby item like a blanket, bib or sweet toy is better than sweet candy - oh so much safer and plus long lasting! Following are some super safe, super cute Valentine's Day toy ideas for your littlest Valentine. [gallery] Sonajero Rojo Clutching Toy from Kathe Kruse - this fun toy is for clutching and more! The center handle squeaks, and the orange heart crinkles. Attached is a ring for teething and a loop for attaching a pacifier. Beautiful bright colors to amuse your baby as well. Cordy Roy Bunny from Jellycat - a cute bubblegum pink bunny made with textured, thick-ribbed corduroy, which is wonderful for children with tactile fascination. Mr. Bunny's body is also weighted which makes his body nice and comforting for your baby to hold and he'll sit up just fine on his own. There's also the related, but much more purple Cordy Roy Dachshund from Jellycat. Beetle Red from Bajo - this little car like all Bajo wooden toys, are made of locally grown apple wood, cherry wood, alder, maple, beech, birch or walnut and are finished with child-safe, non-toxic lacquers. Hearts All Over Bib from Crocodile Creek - PVC and Phthalate free. Made from 100% coated cotton with EVA pocket. Easy to clean with a wet wipe too which is a great gift for parents. Little Heart Clutching Toy from Haba - too cute! This little fuzzy heart is filled with granulate to give an amusing texture, and your baby will love the crinkly stuffing. Can also be used by babies to mouth on, soothing those sore teething gums.

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