Traveling during pregnancy is usually a-ok, with a few exceptions. Stay safe and healthy as you travel during pregnancy with...
Traveling during pregnancy is usually a-ok, with a few exceptions. Stay safe and healthy as you travel during pregnancy with these tips.


  1. Flying is safe for most of your pregnancy although most experts suggest that you should not fly after 36 weeks just in case your baby decides to make a surprise early arrival.
  2. When booking hotels try your best to book a hotel with a pool. Swimming is an excellent pregnancy exercise and will help your body to relax after a long day of travel.
  3. When driving (road trip!) make sure you limit your overall drive time per day to about six hours. This will help you to maintain a healthy blood flow - especially in your legs. No matter how you travel - by air, rails, or roads work in walking time. You need to stretch your legs every hour even if it's just for ten minutes at a time. If you're flying you can walk carefully up and down the aisles on a long flight.
  4. Plan ahead for emergencies. Your midwife or doc is probably not traveling with you so you need a back-up plan in case an unexpected health issue pops up. Map out the nearest medical center in the location you're traveling to. If you're on an extended road trip mapping out one specific clinic is not so useful so make sure to stick to major highways which are always closer to hospitals than rural roads.
  5. If you're traveling abroad look up your destination before hand at the CDC travel site. This can help you avoid illnesses that are unique to specific areas.
  6. If traveling to a location with questionable water you should drink bottled water to avoid tainted water and don't forget, use that same bottled water for brushing your teeth too!
  7. Avoid traveling abroad to a destination that requires you get vaccinated.
  8. Get plenty of sleep no matter where you go and try to stick to a healthy eating plan. Vacations are fun but they're not a reason to buck your pregnancy care routine.
  9. Make an excellent packing list - remember your prenatals and / or folic acid. Your brand may not be available where you're going and sometimes switching brands can make you sick to your stomach.
  10. Have fun! After the baby comes traveling can be a whole new, and not always as relaxing experience.
PS ALWAYS check your travel plans with your midwife or doctor before you take off. Just to be safe.

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