Each year cities all over the world anxiously await the birth of the first baby of the new year with...
Each year cities all over the world anxiously await the birth of the first baby of the new year with many hospitals giving out gift packages to the first baby of the year. This year it's going to be an even more exciting race with a beautiful Blue Moon making an appearance - an unusually rare event.


According to Gizmodo...
"Blue Moon is the term applied to the second full Moon in a calendar month. It's an event that occurs roughly every two and a half years. This Thursday's blue Moon is far rarer than that though, because it's happening right on New Year's Eve—a coincidence that happens only about once in every twenty years."
A Blue Moon is not only a very cool event but since it's also a full moon, it makes for an interesting baby race. Many believe that the full moon has a “lunar effect” on pregnant women and can jumpstart labor, which of course brings to mind, will there be some crazy competition for the first-born New Year’s Baby? BUT how true is the moon theory? How Stuff Works says most likely the more births at the full moon theory is fun, but usually based on hearsay, not scientific facts and thus not that realistic. Another study (pdf) rules out "Even modest positive or negative effects of the lunar cycle" as related to labor and birth. Another huge study examined over 100 studies on lunar effects and concluded that there is no reliable or significant correlation between the full moon and labor and birth. Basically science says full moon or not your baby will be born when he's ready. Still it's a fun topic, made more cool with the combined New Year's / Blue Moon issue, so if your baby is due on New Year's Eve or day enjoy the fun and keep in mind that no matter what you're going to be a mama in the new year; that's what's most important. It'll be a great year!

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