The other day we looked at one majorly annoying kid habit - the new talker who only says "NO!" However,...
The other day we looked at one majorly annoying kid habit - the new talker who only says "NO!" However, there is another scary trait that newer talkers have and that's saying everything and anything that comes to mind. I'm talking about those moments when you start thinking, "Maybe having kids was a bad idea..." For example little ones with new words at their disposal may say...
  • "Why does that man smell so bad?" Right in front of said man.
  • "You are ugly" - actually my own son said this to a family member soon after learning to talk. He heard the phrase on TV and I was horrified.
  • "Dummy! Hahahahaha!" or "Fatty" or well, you get the picture.
What to do... First of all young children can be taught by example but harsh discipline is not cool. Your little one is just learning what's ok to say vs. what not to say; he's not really being mean or vicious. Remind yourself that your child is curious and that is actually a good thing. Explain that it's not ok to say certain things because it's not nice, but don't say, "Be quiet!" Little ones have observations for a reason - to learn. If your tot says, "WOW that man is fat!" explain quietly why it's nicer to keep something like this to yourself. Don't act hurt or too shocked yourself. Realistically you may be very embarrassed by your child, but he doesn't need to know that. Young children won't understand your embarrassment and will only be reluctant to speak up or ask questions later on if he thinks you're mad because he spoke. Don't make your very young child apologize. One they won't get why you're making them say "sorry" and two parents should handle this. Say to the insulted adult, "I'm sorry I will talk to my little one later" and leave it at that. Lead by example - your child will be much less likely to say hurtful things if you, the parent does not say hurtful things. If you tell your child to "shut up" or make comments about other people's weight your child very likely will mimic you. ALSO the media your child watches influences him as well. If he's seeing television where people are mean, he may very well copy what he sees on the show.

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