Usually the last thing you do after giving birth is fall in love with your new mama body. Most of...
Usually the last thing you do after giving birth is fall in love with your new mama body. Most of the time you weigh more than you did pre-pregnancy, your old cloths still don't fit, your hair, which got nice and thick during pregnancy is falling out, and you may have stretch marks, puffy eyes, and more. To top it off you're likely tired which can make everything seem worse than it is. Don't despair though, you can learn to love your new mom body with a few adjustment in your thinking and routine.

love your new mom body

Be realistic and focus on the positive - you just had a baby! Anyone who thinks they're going to look just as they did pre-pregnancy is kidding themselves, so learn to work with your new body in a positive way. Know that your body is still fuller due to breastfeeding, which rocks for your baby so you don't actually want to lose the weight too quickly. Expect to lose the extra weight gradually not fast but do have a smart new mama eating plan and exercise plan in place. Don't compare yourself to others - we all do this, but it's not productive. Often we compare ourselves to women we see in Hollywood, but guess what? They have nanny help, nutritionists, and personal chefs and trainers along with more time to themselves. It's harder to get back into shape without all that bling. You can do it, but it's likely going to be a slower process. Make mama pals - after I had my son I was surrounded by much much thinner friends who had not all just given birth. They looked good, always sported spit-up free clothes, and had time to do their hair and it was frustrating to be the less cute one of the bunch. I didn't totally ditch my childless pals but after making some mama friends with comparable issues and body sizes I felt oh so much better. Ban baggy clothing - baggy clothes feel good, but they don't actually look as good; they look frumpy. Try to get back to wearing the sort of clothing you used to be happy wearing which will make you feel and look better plus is more motivation for sticking to your exercise plan. Primp - new mamas are so super short on time that finding primping time can seem impossible BUT trust me you will feel better and more confident the second you take the time to focus on you. Start with a small act like taking a shower (yes, every day) or simply brushing your hair. Work up to getting into normal clothes each day vs. pjs and then aim for tasks like painting your nails or coloring your hair.

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