Conception can seem like tricky business and to make it worse, once you tell people you're trying to conceive you'll...
Conception can seem like tricky business and to make it worse, once you tell people you're trying to conceive you'll get all sorts of wacky advice. The good news is that you can (and should) ignore most advice you hear. Of course you shouldn't ignore advice directly from your doctor, but pals, while well meaning may be feeding you a bunch of conception myths that you can safely ignore, such as... If your hubby masturbates you'll have less success of conceiving: Poor hubs right!? Unless your partner has been actually diagnosed with a low sperm count, he's not going to ruin your chances of conceiving by partaking in this extra curricular activity SO LONG as you're also having frequent sex. On the technical side experts are undecided about how long it takes sperm to replenish (the average consensus is 24-36 hours or so). However, experts do agree that if you have sex daily you improve your conception chances. Now, that said, maybe you're not up for daily sex. If your partner masturbates it may actually help your conception chances. Sperm that's produced but not ejaculated can lose its vitality. When a fella ejaculates regularly he's producing better, more mobile, healthier sperm. So - to sum up daily sex is good for conception. Both sex AND masturbation each and every day may decrease your chances a little, but occasional masturbation is fine. You should only have sex the day you ovulate: Actually you're more fertile in the five day prior to ovulation. Orgasms improve your conception odds: Well, of course the guy HAS to orgasm, but women don't. It might make sex way more fun, but it's not in any way a requirement of getting pregnant - good thing too because research shows that many women don't come from intercourse alone - just in case you're wondering, not coming when you have intercourse is totally normal. Lube will kill sperm dead: Not so much. Lube with spermicide will kill sperm dead, but general lube for vaginal dryness will make sex more fun. Lube MAY slow sperm down a little, but it's not going to decrease your odds of getting pregnant. Now, for your health I do suggest a water based lube, that's natural or organic. You can also try a lube like Pre Seed, a lube that's noted as being sperm friendly. What other conception stories have you heard?

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