There are actually many reasons why losing that baby weight is hard. Right now with the holidays here, losing excess...
There are actually many reasons why losing that baby weight is hard. Right now with the holidays here, losing excess baby weight can be double hard. First check out some healthy holiday foods for mamas then read on to see how you may be sabotaging your weight. You're not sleeping enough: Many folks think that daytime tiredness means they're hungry and need some energy, but really you're likely just tired. A lack of sleep can also mess your hormones, which in turn can mess with your appetite making you feel hungry when you're not. Solve it - give in and take a nap when your baby naps. Yeah the dishes may not get done, but on the plus side you might fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans sooner. You eat without dishes: With a new baby grab and go snacks and meals are super tempting, but studies over and over show that people who dip into a box of crackers (or any snack) eat more than people who place a portion on a small plate. Solve it - Make eating an event - sit down, put food on a decent (not too big, not too small plate) and eat slowly. Don't eat willy nilly. You eat like an adult: Really you should eat like your baby. You may not need breast milk or baby food, but most babies have one skill adults lack - they are pros at self regulating their diet which makes your baby the perfect teacher. When hungry they cry. When not hungry they clamp their little mouths shut. Adults don't tend to self regulate as well. We get busy and skip meals. We eat when we're not really hungry. We just don't pay attention to out body cues as often as babies do. Solve it - learn to listen to your body. Craving veggies? Eat them. Craving lunch at 3pm not noon, well go for it. Need a little chocolate - sure in moderation. People who regulate their eating naturally and listen to what their body needs based on hunger are better at maintaining a healthy weight. You're only doing one sort of exercise: I've talked to people who have heard how muscles burn fat, so they spend all their workout time lifting weights. It's true, muscles do burn fat, but the only real way to effectively both burn calories and build strong muscles is to get some cardio in. Lifting weights alone won't burn enough calories to make you lose weight. Solve it - First learn which exercises you actually need. Then make a plan to get in at least 30 minutes minimum of exercise daily. If you don't have time the good news is that three short sessions are as healthy as one long one so long as you rev up the intensity. For example, instead of a ten minute stroll with baby get a jogging stroller and jog for ten minutes.

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