As a new mama you probably thought you'd need lots of advice about diapers, baby nutrition, and baby crying -...
As a new mama you probably thought you'd need lots of advice about diapers, baby nutrition, and baby crying - but SHOWERS! Yes, you do need some advice here. Showers are hard to come by as a new mama; trust me I've been there. However, you can get time for a shower and even get mostly clean in the process, even with a newborn and zero free time.


DO: Take a shower daily. You'll feel better and more prepared to handle baby care if you feel a little like yourself; plus baby care is messy and can make you feel all blah - baby poop, breast milk leaks, and baby drool all make for a messy life. If your normal self likes showers than make this a top priority. Time is short, but you in the shower is way more important than the dishes or returning phone calls. DON'T: Be so picky. Before baby maybe a shower at 7am daily was doable. After baby, um, not so much. Choose a time that's easier like an hour after your hubs gets home from work or nightly after you've fed your baby his evening meal. DO: Stock your shower with quick all in one products. Your days of lingering showers are over mama. You need a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, fast lathering body soap that can double as shaving gel, and face wash/face scrub in one. Don't choose solo products. DON'T: Forget the baby bouncy. The number one product I suggest for new parents is a great baby bouncy chair. This is pretty much how I got all my showers when my son was a newborn. I strapped him in and brought him in the bathroom with me. He was content (so long as I kept popping my head out to say hi) and I could stay in longer. Sometimes the pitter patter of the water even put him to sleep! Talk about shower success. DO: Have a back up. There are days you really won't be able to snag a shower, no matter how hard you try. For days like these, have a back up plan. One - wash your face at the sink. Two - run a brush through your hair. Three - spritz on a relaxing all over body spray that will make you feel clean and fresh like Happy Mama Spray from Earth Mama Angel Baby, an amazing mix of pure essential oils and flower essences that will make you feel fresh and chill.

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