When you have a new baby it makes you feel all nest-like which involves cleaning and tidying. In fact, sometimes...
When you have a new baby it makes you feel all nest-like which involves cleaning and tidying. In fact, sometimes new parents go way overboard thinking everything their baby touches should be spotless. However, how dangerous is dirt for a baby? Not so much. In fact recent research shows that a little dirt helps pump up your little one's immune system. Pay attention to the big issues before you freak out over an untidy living room. What's important: Baby proofing! Baby proofing should be priority over spotless floors and sinks. Your baby won't get hurt if the bookshelves are dusty but she can be seriously hurt if she gets a hold of a medicine cabinet or toilet that has not been properly baby proofed. Germs in hidden places: Germs of all sorts can make your baby sick but some are worse than others. First of all don't get all germ panicked - you can't win against all the germs, and it'll just make you loony. Secondly focus on germs you can get rid of (and should) for example always super clean your cutting boards that you prep baby food on, change over toothbrushes every three months, and make sure you wash your hands after every single diaper change. See more ways to germ proof your baby. Green cleaners: Most conventional cleaners are far worse than the dirt they claim to clean. Toxic chemicals are not safe for your baby so before she even arrives make the switch to greener cleaners. Fight mold: Unlike dirt, mold can actually hurt your baby. Mold, once in your home is almost impossible to get rid of so make sure you stay ahead of it by cleaning areas prone to mold often (behind the furniture, under sinks, lower walls, and so on. What's not that big a deal:
  • If your baby grabs a cracker off the floor and gobbles it up - don't worry! It's fine.
  • If you only get around to dusting every two weeks it's fine, so long as your baby is not prone to allergies or asthma.
  • Contact with pets or pet fur is fine so long as the animals are healthy and domesticated.
Basically... you should clean but not like a mad woman. It's not as important as speeding time with your baby and resting. Plus if too much cleaning makes you cranky, your baby will sense that. Pay attention to the biggie issues above and then take a breather. If you vacuum, wipe stuff down, and get the dishes and laundry done on a semi-schedule, you'll be a-ok.

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