In the past here at Pregnancy & Baby I've recommended SIGG kid bottles as a good safe choice for water...
In the past here at Pregnancy & Baby I've recommended SIGG kid bottles as a good safe choice for water and juice for your tot. For years now SIGG has been noting that their water bottles won't leech BPA into your water. That might be true, however, they've also had this big secret for years about what was in the liner inside their bottles. They've continually told consumers, that while the bottles were safe, they wouldn't give away company secrets like what exactly the liner was made of and when some organizations accused them of having BPA in their bottles, SIGG got ultra cranky and made people talking about BPA in their bottles remove their name from anything having to do with the BPA mentions. Understandably this made consumers think that SIGG must not have BPA in their bottles, otherwise why all the fuss? Then just this week, SIGG announces guess what - we had BPA in our liners all along! A letter from CEO Steve Wasik, posted at the SIGG website notes, “SIGG bottles manufactured prior to August 2008 have the former water-based epoxy liner which contains trace amounts of BPA.” They downplayed the dangers of course noting various sources that claim BPA is perfectly safe so not to worry. After years of making a scene when accused of having BPA in their bottles I find the whole issue completely lame. Not to mention that SIGG can downplay the dangers of BPA all they like, but BPA has been shown to cause some major health issues. Studies conducted on laboratory animals and cell cultures show that BPA is linked to obesity, diabetes, breast cancer and other illnesses, even at low doses. Studies have also found that BPA can disrupt hormones, and interfere with healthy growth and body function. Animal studies demonstrate that the chemical causes damage to reproductive, neurological and immune systems during critical stages of development, such as infancy and in the womb. PLUS BPA is considered serious enough that some places have banned BPA and more will soon. The BPA issue is scary, but what's worse is that SIGG has misled consumers for years. If you or your child has a SIGG bottle made before 2008 I'd contact the company and let them know that you're not thrilled. I'll post some alternatives to SIGG water bottles soon, but if you'd like to learn more right away read the following:

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