We haven't had an annoying mama problems in a while. But of course, as I meet new people I find...
We haven't had an annoying mama problems in a while. But of course, as I meet new people I find awesome new issues to deal with. The overly religious mama (later), the we hate homeschoolers mama (yeah, later), or as I'll be discussing today the totally scare your pants off discipline mama. screaming-mama I'm not that on board with harsh discipline anyhow, so when I run into these mamas it really freaks me out. Typically this is a mama who is up for using a baby/toddler leash to keep her tot under control, she'll smack, yell, and scream at her baby who frankly is too young to understand how to behave, and places completely unreasonable expectations on her baby from day one. Scary - yes. Can you say anything? Well, I do, but it's not usually helpful with these types. When I say hitting only results in hitting, these mamas will say, "I was smacked around and I'm just fine!" (questionable, when they're now hitting small children). When I mention that the screaming is loud enough to scare a full-sized adult, let alone her baby, I hear, "I'm not raising a child who will walk all over me." The worst is the too hard expectations though. These mamas expect their babies to be toilet trained by two years, cleaning their own room and following a massive chore chart on their own by three years, and saying please and thank you (or else) as soon as they learn to talk. The problem here is that I don't agree that harsh discipline works on small kids. I'd rather teach by example. It's evident that harsh discipline doesn't work because my son has had play dates with kids in these families and they're almost always the meanest kids in the playgroup. They'll hit, yell, and boss all the other kids around. More than annoying me, I guess this situation makes me super sad. I wish people would take the time to talk to their kids vs. hit them. It's more work sure, but do we want our kids to grow up thinking that problems are best solved by talking or by physical violence and screaming? For positive discipline options read:

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