A new joint fertility report conducted by e.p.t. and BabyCenter reveals that most mamas want tighter regulations in-vitro fertilization (IVF)....
A new joint fertility report conducted by e.p.t. and BabyCenter reveals that most mamas want tighter regulations in-vitro fertilization (IVF). "Jon & Kate Plus 8" sort of started everyone on the path of questioning the morality of multiple births, conceived by in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The report, based on a mama survey done by e.p.t /BabyCenter found that 7 out of 10 moms and expectant mothers believe that "Public visibility of large families and multiple births are giving people a glamorized view of raising children." Women came forward saying that tougher regulations on IVF need to happen AND that some authority such as a doctor, psychiatrist, social worker, or counselor should be involved who can make practical decisions when it comes to fertility treatments. Amanda Trautmann, Brand Manager for the e.p.t brand notes, "The e.p.t /BabyCenter Fertility Report is significant because it captures so many of the emotions women feel about their own fertility, as well as their excitement to start a family." Odd enough, while multiple births are questioned, many women surveyed felt that Angelina Jolie, (with six babies) is on target because she's building a family the right way. Lastly, (and kind of scarily) 65% of the women surveyed watch reality television programs that give advice on child rearing and 37% say these shows provide helpful tips for their families. Yikes. Linda Murray, Editor-in-Chief, BabyCenter.com says, "While the media has been saturated with controversy surrounding multiple births, it is important that women make informed and well-educated decisions... seventy-three percent of the women surveyed say the media coverage has not affected their views on their own fertility, however the report does show that moms today have very clear opinions about the fertility options available today." Other major findings from the e.p.t /BabyCenter Fertility Report show:
  • One out of five women currently trying to conceive is experiencing difficulties
  • 67% are taking longer than expected, 37% experienced a miscarriage, 30% are using fertility treatments and 12% reported other reasons for having problems.
  • Drugs are the most common treatment in the case of fertility issues (85%) followed by artificial insemination (31%), IVF (17%) and surgery (15%)
  • 97% of women actively trying to get pregnant are doing something to help nature along. Most are taking prenatal vitamins (53%), having sex every two days or more often (43%), using an online ovulation calculator (42%), or checking changes in their cervical mucus (40%).
  • More than half of the new moms took at least one more pregnancy test to confirm the accuracy of the results.
I think it's an interesting survey. I'm glad that women are expecting that procedures like IVF be taken seriously, but I'm just shocked that so many gather advice from reality TV. Maybe I've seen the wrong shows, but whenever I have seen parenting happen on reality TV it's always been a little out there. What do you think? Do you think reality TV sets a good example for parents or no? *Source

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