When you have a baby one of the biggest decisions you'll make is if you want to stay home with...
When you have a baby one of the biggest decisions you'll make is if you want to stay home with your baby or not. Not everyone has a choice. In some cases a second income is necessary and no amount of messing with the family budget will help. However, if your partner works, and you can afford to stay home, the question becomes, should you or shouldn't you?

pros and cons of being a stay at home mom

Pros of staying home with your baby:
  • Lots of early one-on-one time with your baby - great for bonding and you'll get to know your baby very well early on.
  • Makes breastfeeding easier - no taking a pump to work.
  • You won't miss all those great baby milestones.
Cons of staying home with your baby:
  • Possibly not enough income, or some major budgeting may be in order.
  • It can be really hard to be at home with a baby day in and day out. Your baby will depend on you for almost 100% of her care and while it's rewarding, it's also more exhausting that you might think to cater to a baby (been there, done that).
  • You may miss work, miss seeing your co-workers, or just not be the stay-at-home type.
Pros of going to work:
  • If your job is part of who you are and you love it, going to work can make you a better parent because you'll be in a better mood.
  • Depending on your job, your family may have more disposable income and savings if you work.
  • You get to connect with adults on a regular basis, something many stay-at-home mamas miss.
Cons of going to work:
  • You may really miss your baby and feel guilty when you have to leave for work each day.
  • You'll have to find good childcare plus often it can cost so much working isn't even worth it. Your whole paycheck may go to childcare.
  • Makes breastfeeding harder - you'll need to pump at work, carry stuff around, and research shows that women who work breastfeed for less time because of it.
  • You'll miss some of those great baby milestones.
Bonding and a close relationship with your baby can happen no matter if you work or stay home so your feelings are going to be the main decision making factor here. How you feel about the pros and cons is a big deal and they need to be weighed carefully. Tell me - are you planning on staying home with your baby? Why or why not?

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