Some babies love to suck so much that they'll want to be attached to your breast 24/7 - even when...
Some babies love to suck so much that they'll want to be attached to your breast 24/7 - even when they're not hungry. Not all babies are like this. You can't predict which babies will be suckers and which won't. My own son was crazy attached to me, which made me frustrated (no time apart) but my girlfriend's babe only wanted to suck when she was hungry - she never wanted a pacifier human or other pacifier.

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The babies who do like to suck likely do so because it's soothing, comforting, or maybe they just feel like being extra close to you a lot. However, all this sucking can make you feel like a human pacifier. Your baby may cry when you don't allow him to suck and it can be very frustrating. You've got some options... Allow your baby to suck and deal with it. Although your baby may be attached to your boob, it won't last forever. Even die-hard suckers eventually decide it might be more fun to explore. If you're patient you may make it through this phase. Try a non-human pacifier, which contrary to some, does not make you a bad parent. Pacifiers are ok and can help both you and your baby chill out. Ask yourself - is he eating enough? Maybe your baby is sucking because he's not breastfeeding long enough. Some babies eat slower so it may seem like they want to suck when really they need more milk. Consider other options. Little suckers are sometimes soothed by other options. For example, instead of offering your breast try a cuddle, singing to your babe, wear him in a front pack, try a fun toy, or some other distraction. Your baby may seem like he needs to suck, but another activity may work as well.

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