While you do need to be careful when taking your baby outside in the summer this season is also a...
While you do need to be careful when taking your baby outside in the summer this season is also a great time to expose your little one to new sights, sounds, and stimulation. Follow summer safety tips and try to plan outings for early morning or late afternoon.


Good places to take your baby in the summer include: The local farmers market: Your baby will see and smell all sorts of fruits and veggies in all shades of colors and many shapes. Find a farmers market in your area. The beach: Sand on his toes, water at his feet, birds above, and more; the beach provides all sorts of fun tactile, scented, and visual stimulation for your baby. A hike in the forest: Hiking in your local forest is not only visually stimulating for your baby, but you can let him feel bark and plants, point out small animals to him, and bonus, the tall trees block some of that harsh sunlight. The best way to hike with a baby is to make sure you have a decent baby backpack or carrier. Public gardens: If you have a botanical, Japanese, or other local public garden, visit so your tot can see all the cool plants and flowers. Many gardens also incorporate art pieces and some even include fun things like bird and butterfly houses. If there is no public garden near you, consider spending some time at your local community garden. Outdoor concerts: In most communities there are summertime outdoor concerts. These events are usually kid friendly, low-cost, and fun. Your baby will get to hear music, see other people, and play in the grass. Make sure you take a blanket, and sit near the back to minimize the music sound level. Check with your local zoo, parks & rec, or check local community event papers to find a concert in your area. Where do you love to take your baby in the summer?

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