Many of us prop our baby up to a sitting position but is it safe and healthy for us to...
Many of us prop our baby up to a sitting position but is it safe and healthy for us to do this? Babies will start sitting up on their own, usually somewhere between the ages of 4 and 7 months. Before that your baby can benefit from being propped up though.


How to prop your baby up: You can prop your baby up into a sitting position or a semi-sitting position using a firm pillow, a Boppy type pillow, or the corner or cushion of say, a couch or chair. When can you prop your baby up: By the age of three or four months you may be able to prop your baby up. It's important that his neck and back are supportive enough. Signs that your baby is not ready to be propped up include immediate slumping or sliding to one side when you try to prop him up, crying or agitation, or a general look of, "Hey this is uncomfortable" on your tot's face. Why prop your baby up:
  • It gives your baby a new look at the world around him - a look that's not based on what a baby sees when laying down.
  • It provides early stimulation and building of your baby's muscles.
  • It helps teach your baby what sitting is like so that eventually he can sit up unassisted.
  • It's free entertainment. Babies do get bored and sitting up is a welcome change of scene from laying down or tummy time.
  • It allows them to reach their toys better without falling smack over. (See image above). My son was a big fan of falling face first onto his toys. With pillow support behind him propping him up, he was able to play with his toys without always knocking into them.
Note that not all babies like to be propped up so play it by ear and never force your baby to sit up before he's ready.

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