With Earth Day coming up it's time to think about healthy, greener, natural baby care. One way to go green...
With Earth Day coming up it's time to think about healthy, greener, natural baby care. One way to go green with your baby is with the food you feed her. For your newborn, breast milk is a super green baby food. But what about when it's time for solids? Your least expensive bet is to go homemade and organic. You can make organic baby food for a fraction of what it'll cost to purchase it. Also, it's not as hard as you might think. Still, there are always going to be parents who don't want to mess with homemade baby food - and that's ok. There are currently loads of healthy organic baby fare available to buy in both jar and frozen form.


HAPPYBABY: The HAPPYBABY food line offers USDA certified organic frozen baby food (some with DHA included) such as Mama Grain, a mixture of bananas, black beans, and quinoa. Other very cool flavors include Smarter Squash, Wiser Apple, Grrreat Greens (a neat combo of pears, spinach, and mango), and more. They also have a new line of organic probiotic baby cereals out. HAPPYBABY is also committed to social and eco-change such as sustainable agriculture and easy to recycle packaging. See where to buy HAPPY BABY.


Bohemian Baby: Offers a full line of great looking jarred organic fresh baby food. There's a huge menu of flavors available and all sorts of textures from baby puree to toddler bites. Bohemian Baby will deliver baby food to your door once or twice a week, or you can buy Bohemian Baby foods at some local natural food markets and cafes.


Earth's Best: Has a large range of baby and toddler certified organics - from Baby Cereals, to Vegetables, Fruits and Blends, to Organic Yogurt Rice Crisp Bars , to Teething Biscuits and lots more. Earth's Best is an easy organic food to find too. It's available at most stores I've been to, even non-organic conventional grocers. Later we'll look at some more organic baby food options that are available for purchase.

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